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A democratic, strong and secure Europe!

Päivitetty: 24. marrask. 2019

The causes of social problems must be addressed before they become security threats.

The main problem facing Europe as a whole is marginalization, which in turn, can be linked to increased inequality, migration, extremism and unemployment.

Increased migration increases the need to understand ethnic, linguistic, religious and other cultural diversity and to promote intercultural interaction in societies.

Climate change is the greatest threat of our time affecting all of us directly and indirectly through climate warming, sea-level rise, ecosystem collapse, health risks, and poor food production. Combating climate change and stopping it must be our main task. Strengthening of the cyclical economy requires sustainable consumption and production.

I want:

  • to move the Asylum Application process outside of Europe!

  • to stop the tax evasion of big international companies. Taxes shall be paid in the same country where the profits are made!

  • to develop and intensify European member states defense cooperation!

  • the European Union to undergo a reformation. I do not want EU to become a federal state!

  • EU member states who violate the terms of EU Membership Agreement to be placed under a probation period and even ousted from the Union!

  • to increase citizens' awareness of Europe!

  • European Union to be the world's most powerful economic region and the leading scientific community by 2030!

  • European Union to be a leader in combating climate change moving the World towards sustainable living and production!

Whilst I am a member of the European Parliament, you will not always hear about the decisions I make, so it is important for you to know that the basis of my decision in my life and in politics is: honesty; justice; equality; freedom of expression; caring; patriotism; charities; human rights; sustainable development.

I value Finnish cultural heritage and want to improve Finland's status as an international superpower of human rights!

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